About Improvement Direct

About Improvement Direct

Customer Feedback

Operations Manager, Oasis Engineering Ltd

Hi Peter,

Thanks to your help over the last six months we have achieved, amongst other things:
  1. A 30% reduction in set up times.
  2. A 50% reduction in assembly times.
  3. A significantly improved meeting structure. The improvement in communication throughout the company has been amazing.
  4. A much more pleasant working environment thanks to the 5S programme. This is in addition to the increase in efficiency that we have realised.
  5. Lastly, with the Value Stream Mapping exercise and 7 wastes training, you have left us with a strong base on which to build in the future. 
Thank you for you help and guidance from all of us at Oasis.

Aria Farm Ltd.

We have called our Lean program Aria Continuous Improvement. ACI has revolutionized our business and the way we all think. Doing things a better and a more efficient way is what we are about all the time, it is a great culture to have and work in. Our communication in all areas of the business has improved 200%.

Lean takes time and dedication across the whole team, the rewards are worth it. 

Below is a request from Assure Quality. This is due to the positive impact of our ACI Lean Program with Improvement Direct….

..."Following on from our telephone call, would it be possible to have a photographer come on site and a take some photos of parts of your facility for us to use in our Annual Report and promotional material in the future.

We have chosen your facility from the recommendation of our Auditor as you operate to high standard from modern premises."

DIRECTOR Kings Seeds Ltd.

We were approached by the Tauranga Chamber of Commerce in early 2014 to evaluate areas of our business with which we needed/wanted assistance.  We were very keen to investigate ways to improve our stock systems and it was at this point that they put us in contact with Peter Maunder of Improvement Direct.  What a fortuitous meeting!
We began working with Peter almost a year ago, with priority placed on the LEAN development of our stock systems and other processes, identifying the areas of “waste” that needed our attention. Latterly, we have also worked with Peter on our time management. Over a number of sessions, we have been made to look at the way we did things, to think outside the square and find solutions for ourselves.

The time we have spent with Peter has been invaluable.  He has a wealth of knowledge and this was clear to us right from the start.  He quickly developed a rapport with our team and we have found the process incredibly worthwhile, respecting Peter’s thorough approach and depth of experience.
We have been charged with keeping the improvements coming but know that, should we ever need a boost, Peter is only a phone call away.
We have no hesitation in recommending Peter to anyone considering a sure fire way to improve their business systems.

Senior Human Resources Advisor, Bluebird Foods Ltd

Hi Peter,  

It has been an absolute pleasure to partner with you over the course of 2010, I have benefited both personally and professionally from having the opportunity to be part of the Continuous Improvement journey at Bluebird (you won’t believe how organised my office looks right now!!)
Thank you for your contribution to the Bluebird journey, it has been significant and incredibly valuable to the entire team and business.
Kind regards

Managing Director, Puma Dart Products

We at Puma Darts started our Lean journey almost 4 years ago, and at the time engaged Peter Maunder at Improvement Direct as our consultant to get us on the way.

For the first 2 years, we had Peter coming in on a regular basis for days of staff training and coaching us on the 'Lean Principle'.  Whilst Peter was hands-on in getting things done, he was also hands-off enough to steer us and guide us in the right direction and let us find our own path as well.  I believe that is one of the key things with Lean with Improvement Direct.  It is very much 'your' project, they are just there to train and guide and assist on the journey.

The results we have had through Lean cannot be understated.  A huge improvement in not only the factory tidiness, organisation, layout and the practicalities of the Lean journey. Team morale, and company culture have made huge improvements and really brought us all together as a team.  For me, I think a big part of Lean journey is getting the involvement and commitment from staff buy-in from the start and get everybody working together.

As a result of that, and from the improvement ideas, set-ups, and trainings, we have substantially reduced cost across all departments (in some cases labour per unit has halved); done almost a complete re-layout of the dart area; moved machines, people; changed processes, production lines.   We have added not only to the efficiency of the operation, but also made things easier and more practical for our staff and also produced a better quality product.

I am more than happy to provide a verbal testimonial on Peter at Improvement Direct, as I couldn't thank Peter enough for the job he has done for us in getting us started on the Lean journey. 

It is not over yet.  We still engage Peter a few times a year to come in for a day to give us a bit of a coaching and often contact him when I am stuck on an issue.

Peter is always available and incredibly helpful and we recommend him as a quality Lean consultant.

Many thanks

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