3 Channels of Learning

3 Channels of Learning & Support

1) The Worxsmart© Lean Improvement Program

2) Modular Lean Training & Coaching


3) 3 - minute Lean video training & coaching
Our Core Training Modules:
  • Full training and consulting support plans. Digital delivery and conference coaching or on-site training or both
  • 12-18 month implementation plans for game changing results
  • Funding available through Better by Lean  at Callaghan Innovation (NZTE)
Because every organisation is different, we use our Worxsmart© Audit System to clearly identify your current methods and work with you to design an improvement plan that supports your business strengths.
  • Select from a menu of Lean Training Modules: specific to your needs with Coaching and Support
  • Delivered via digital training video with conference coaching OR at your site  
  • Funding available through the Regional Business Partners Accelerated Success scheme.
We help you select the right support from Improvement Directs complete module suite
  • Powerful, on-line 3 minute modules to up-skill your Team members
  • Designed for SME's: learn anywhere, anytime.
  • Cost effective monthly subscriptions available.
  • Funding available through Regional Business Partners Accelerated Success scheme
Lean Communication,Collaboration and Project Excellence:
Meeting structures, Agile Group-work, Visual project tracking for efficiency and continuous improvement.
Value Stream Mapping & Process Mapping:
Identifying the Value Stream to reduce waste in process and increase Customer Value.
The 5S principle:
Standardising the work environment (physical and virtual) for greater efficiency.
The Nine Forms of Waste Elimination:
Training and tools to identify and remove Non- Value work.
Lean Measurement & Visual Management:
Setting up Lean performance data structures and visual reporting.
Quick Change Methods:
Improving equipment up-time and reducing delays through coordinated team work.
Total Productive Maintenance systems:
Improved equipment performance involving front line teams on equipment maintenance and process improvement.
Problem solving:
Practical root cause analysis tools and facilitation techniques used by key staff.
Principles of Lean:
Understand the purpose and application of Lean principles and tools.
Lean Leaders Standard Work:
Principles of Standard Work methods with Goal Setting and Time Management Skills. Applying Action Learning principles.
We also offer training and consulting on:
JiT Methods
Developing Organisational Purpose & Strategy
Cost down/Cost out initiatives
Setting up a Staff Improvement System
On Job Training systems and Standard Operating Procedures
Quality Process Management
Data Dashboard and KPI's
Value Analysis and Process Work-flow Study
Sales and Operations Planning
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