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Peter Maunder,
Managing Director of Improvement Direct

Improvement Direct continues to develop and refine Lean Training and Consulting plans to support customers and draws on 19 years of business continuity in the challenging New Zealand Lean market. General Manager Peter Maunder will be your trainer and consultant. His most relevant training and experience comes from 15 years with Toyota. Through this time, Peter worked in Production, Quality Assurance and Education & Training applying, and fully understanding the Toyota Production System.


Peter facilitated TPS training modules for Toyota including introduction of TPS / Lean to local supply-chain vendor companies and the pilot program to the Toyota Dealer Network. Peter also facilitated Lean / TPS seminars to Engineering & Business Studies classes at Auckland, Waikato and Massey Universities. Further experience includes 4 and a 1/2 years with Fisher & Paykel as Training Manager overseeing the development of in-house Organisational Learning methods and facilitating Lean Training programs.

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Further experience was gained through Business Studies training at Massey University gaining a Diploma in Business Studies Endorsed in training design and organisational learning. Since then Peter has consulted in Lean Implementation to more than 50 companies while owning and managing Improvement Direct Ltd. The latest learning / research topics for Improvement Direct include blending agile - scrum and rapid design principles into project management and task management methods with client companies.

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What Clients Say About Us

Kevin Flint
Operations Manager Oasis Engineering Ltd

Hi Peter,

Thanks to your help over the last six months we have achieved, amongst other things:

  1. A 30% reduction in set up times.

  2. A 50% reduction in assembly times.

  3. A significantly improved meeting structure. The improvement in communication throughout the company has been amazing.

  4. A much more pleasant working environment thanks to the 5S programme. This is in addition to the increase in efficiency that we have realised.

  5. Lastly, with the Value Stream Mapping exercise and 7 wastes training, you have left us with a strong base on which to build in the future. 

Thank you for you help and guidance from all of us at Oasis.